So 90s, baby! 1991 USA made Fender Strat Plus with 2 Fender Lace sensors pickups (neck and bridge) and one DiMarzio Area ‘67 pickup (middle). $1299 with HSC!

The 1991 Fender Strat Plus is a high-quality electric guitar from Fender’s Stratocaster series, designed to offer advanced features and enhanced playability. Known for its innovative design and reliable performance, the Strat Plus includes several upgrades from the standard Stratocaster model, making it a favorite among professional musicians and collectors.

Key Features:

Body and Neck:

  • Body Shape: Classic Stratocaster double-cutaway body shape.
  • Body Wood: Alder body, known for its balanced tone and sustain.
  • Neck: Maple neck with a modern “C” shape profile, offering comfortable playability.
  • Fingerboard: Maple fingerboard featuring 22 medium jumbo frets and dot inlays.
  • Scale Length: 25.5″ scale length, standard for Stratocasters.

Hardware and Electronics:

  • Pickups: Lace Sensor Gold pickups in the neck and bridge positions, DiMarzio Area 67 in the Middle. These pickups are designed to reduce noise while maintaining the classic Stratocaster sound.
  • Bridge: Wilkinson roller nut and Fender Deluxe Locking Tuners, which help improve tuning stability and sustain.
  • Tremolo: Fender’s two-point synchronized tremolo system for smooth vibrato effects.
  • Controls: Standard Stratocaster control layout with a 5-way pickup selector switch, master volume, and two tone knobs for versatile sound shaping.

Sound Characteristics:

  • Classic Stratocaster Tone: Known for its bright, clear, and articulate sound, the Strat Plus can produce everything from crisp cleans to rich overdriven tones.
  • Reduced Noise: The Lace Sensor Gold pickups provide a noiseless operation, making it suitable for studio and live performance environments.
  • Versatile Sound: Capable of handling various musical genres, including rock, blues, jazz, and pop.


  • Professional Use: Ideal for professional musicians who require a reliable and versatile instrument for studio recordings and live performances.
  • Collectors: Highly sought after by collectors due to its unique features and historical significance.
  • Session Musicians: Favored by session musicians for its ability to deliver a wide range of tones and reliable performance.

Country of Manufacture:

  • United States: The 1991 Fender Strat Plus is made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

Notable Features:

  • Classic Stratocaster design with advanced features
  • Lace Sensor Gold pickups for reduced noise and classic tone
  • Wilkinson roller nut and locking tuners for improved tuning stability
  • Two-point synchronized tremolo system
  • Alder body with a modern “C” shape maple neck

Notable Users:

  • Jeff Beck: Renowned guitarist known for his innovative playing style, has used the Strat Plus for its versatile sound and reliable performance.
  • David Gilmour: Legendary guitarist of Pink Floyd, known for his use of various Stratocaster models, including those with advanced features like the Strat Plus.
  • Mac DeMarco: Indie artist known for his unique blend of jangle pop and lo-fi rock, DeMarco has been seen using various Fender Stratocaster models, including the Strat Plus, to achieve his distinctive sound.
  • St. Vincent (Annie Clark): While St. Vincent has her own signature model with another brand, she has been known to use Fender Stratocasters, including the Strat Plus, early in her career, contributing to her versatile and innovative guitar work.

The 1991 Fender Strat Plus is a premium electric guitar that combines classic Stratocaster aesthetics with modern enhancements. Its advanced features, such as the Lace Sensor pickups and improved hardware, make it a versatile and reliable instrument for a wide range of musical applications. Whether you are a professional musician, a collector, or a session player, the Strat Plus offers exceptional playability and a rich, dynamic sound.

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