70s MIJ S Yairi SY-17H classical with a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides. $549!

Overview: The S. Yairi SY-17H is a classical guitar known for its superior craftsmanship, rich tone, and elegant design. S. Yairi guitars, crafted by the renowned Japanese luthier Saburo Yairi, are highly regarded for their quality and attention to detail. The SY-17H model is appreciated for its beautiful sound and traditional aesthetics, making it a favored choice among classical guitar enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Body:
    • Top: Solid Cedar
    • Back and Sides: Rosewood
    • Finish: Gloss finish for enhanced aesthetics and protection
    • Bracing: Traditional fan bracing for optimal sound projection and tonal balance
  • Neck:
    • Material: Mahogany
    • Fingerboard: Ebony
    • Scale Length: 650 mm (25.6 inches)
    • Nut Width: 52 mm (2.05 inches)
    • Frets: 19 frets
  • Bridge:
    • Material: Rosewood
  • Hardware:
    • Tuners: Gold-plated classical tuners with ornate details and pearl buttons for precise tuning and a touch of elegance
    • Nut and Saddle: Bone for better tonal characteristics and durability

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Body Shape: Traditional classical guitar shape with a resonant body
  • Rosette: Intricate mosaic rosette around the soundhole, adding a touch of artistry
  • Binding: Rosewood binding for a refined look
  • Headstock: Classic slotted headstock with the S. Yairi logo

Sound Characteristics:

  • Warm and Rich Tone: The solid cedar top combined with rosewood back and sides produces a warm, rich, and full-bodied tone with excellent projection.
  • Responsive and Dynamic: The SY-17H is highly responsive and offers a dynamic range that suits various playing styles and musical expressions.
  • Clear Articulation: The ebony fingerboard ensures clear note articulation and smooth playability, making it ideal for complex fingerstyle pieces.


  • Genres: Perfect for classical, flamenco, and fingerstyle music.
  • Usage: Suitable for both solo performances and ensemble settings due to its rich tonal qualities and projection.

Notable Users:

  • Classical Guitarists: S. Yairi guitars have been favored by classical guitarists for their blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern playability.
  • Performing Artists: Its rich tone and responsive playability make it an excellent choice for performing artists in various settings.

The S. Yairi SY-17H classical guitar is an exceptional instrument that offers superior tonal quality and craftsmanship. Its solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides provide a warm, rich sound that is both expressive and versatile. The elegant design, combined with high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship, makes the SY-17H a standout choice for serious classical guitarists seeking a reliable and beautiful instrument for both performance and practice.

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