Power Conditioner and a rack to fill things to power, cleanly!! ART PB-4×4 Pro with a desk rack, $129!

The ART PB-4×4 PRO is a professional-grade power conditioner designed to protect and enhance the performance of your audio and electronic equipment. Manufactured by Applied Research and Technology (ART), the PB-4×4 PRO offers surge protection, EMI/RFI filtering, and a range of additional features to ensure clean and reliable power for your gear.

Key Features:

Power Conditioning:

  • Surge Protection: Protects connected equipment from power surges and spikes, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • EMI/RFI Filtering: Reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, providing clean power for optimal audio performance.

Power Distribution:

  • 8 Outlets: Eight rear-panel outlets for powering multiple devices simultaneously, with additional spacing to accommodate wall-wart adapters.
  • Front-Panel Outlet: A convenient front-panel outlet for quick access to power.

Monitoring and Control:

  • LED Metering: Front-panel LED metering to monitor input voltage and current draw, helping to ensure that your equipment is operating within safe parameters.
  • Voltage Display: Displays the current input voltage, providing a real-time status of your power source.
  • Current Meter: Indicates the total current draw of connected equipment.
  • Front-Panel Switch: Master power switch with a built-in circuit breaker for easy on/off control and protection.

Additional Features:

  • Rack-Mountable: Standard 1U rack-mount design for easy integration into professional audio racks.
  • 9-Foot Power Cord: A long power cord for flexible placement in various setups.
  • Metal Chassis: Durable metal chassis designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.


  • Live Sound: Ideal for use in live sound setups, providing reliable power conditioning and distribution for PA systems, mixers, and other stage equipment.
  • Studio Recording: Suitable for studio environments, ensuring clean power for recording equipment, audio interfaces, and monitors.
  • Broadcasting: Perfect for broadcasting applications, protecting sensitive equipment from power issues.
  • Home Theater: Can be used in home theater setups to protect and enhance the performance of audio and video equipment.


  • Input Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Max Output Current: 15A (1800W)
  • Dimensions: 19″ (W) x 6.5″ (D) x 1.75″ (H) (1U rack-mount)
  • Weight: Approximately 6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Notable Features:

  • Professional-grade power conditioning with surge protection and EMI/RFI filtering
  • 8 rear-panel outlets and 1 front-panel outlet for flexible power distribution
  • LED metering for input voltage and current draw monitoring
  • Durable 1U rack-mount metal chassis
  • Master power switch with built-in circuit breaker
  • Long 9-foot power cord for flexible placement

Notable Users:

While specific high-profile users of the ART PB-4×4 PRO may not be extensively documented, it is popular among:

  • Live Sound Engineers: Those who need reliable power distribution and conditioning for stage equipment.
  • Studio Engineers: Professionals who require clean power for recording and mixing equipment.
  • Broadcast Technicians: Users who need to protect sensitive broadcasting gear from power issues.
  • Home Theater Enthusiasts: Individuals looking to protect and optimize their home audio and video equipment.


The ART PB-4×4 PRO is a high-quality power conditioner and distribution unit that offers essential protection and clean power for professional audio and electronic equipment. Its robust feature set, including surge protection, EMI/RFI filtering, LED metering, and a durable rack-mountable design, makes it an excellent choice for live sound, studio recording, broadcasting, and home theater applications. Whether you’re a professional engineer or an enthusiast, the ART PB-4×4 PRO provides the reliability and performance needed to safeguard and enhance your gear.

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