Minibrute, Mega Sick!! Arturia Minibrute Analog Synthesizer with Decksaver cover, $399!

The Arturia MiniBrute is a monophonic analog synthesizer known for its distinctive sound and hands-on control interface. Here are the key specifications and features of the Arturia MiniBrute:

  • Oscillators: 1 VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) with multiple waveforms
  • Modulation: ADSR envelope generator, LFO with multiple waveforms and destinations
  • Filter: Steiner-Parker multimode filter with LPF, BPF, and HPF modes
  • Envelope: ADSR envelope generator
  • Mixer: Overtone and Sub controls for additional harmonic content
  • Connectivity: MIDI In/Out, USB, CV/Gate options
  • Arpeggiator: Built-in arpeggiator with different modes
  • Sequencer: Step sequencer for creating patterns
  • Mod Matrix: Modulation matrix for flexible routing
  • Size: Compact and sturdy design
  • Interface: Knob-per-function control layout for intuitive sound shaping

The Arturia MiniBrute is prized for its warm analog sound, versatile oscillators, and modulation options that make it suitable for a wide range of music styles and sonic experimentation.