Behringer 19” Eurorack Desktop/Rackmount Kit with CP1A Power Supply, $139!

The Behringer CP1A is a compact and efficient power supply designed specifically for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. Known for its reliability and affordability, the CP1A provides clean and stable power to ensure optimal performance of your modular setup. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate into any Eurorack case.

Key Features:

Power Specifications:

  • Power Output: Provides +12V, -12V, and +5V power rails, essential for powering a wide range of Eurorack modules.
  • High Current Capacity: Offers a total of 2000mA for the +12V rail, 1200mA for the -12V rail, and 500mA for the +5V rail, ensuring sufficient power for most modular systems.

Design and Build:

  • Compact Size: The CP1A is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to integrate into various Eurorack cases.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality components to ensure long-term reliability and stability.


  • 16-Pin Power Connectors: Equipped with multiple 16-pin power connectors, allowing for easy connection of Eurorack modules.
  • Standard Eurorack Format: Compatible with all standard Eurorack modules, ensuring versatile use.

Safety and Protection:

  • Short Circuit Protection: Includes built-in protection against short circuits, safeguarding your modules and the power supply itself.
  • Overload Protection: Protects against power overloads, maintaining stable operation and preventing damage to your system.


  • Modular Synth Systems: Ideal for powering Eurorack modular synthesizer systems, providing reliable and stable power to all connected modules.
  • Studio Use: Suitable for use in studio environments, ensuring your modular system performs optimally during recording and production.
  • Live Performance: Robust enough for live performance setups, providing consistent power to your modular rig on stage.


  • +12V Rail: 2000mA
  • -12V Rail: 1200mA
  • +5V Rail: 500mA
  • Connectors: Multiple 16-pin Eurorack power connectors
  • Dimensions: Compact and lightweight design for easy integration
  • Protection: Built-in short circuit and overload protection

Country of Manufacture:

  • China: The Behringer CP1A is typically manufactured in China, ensuring affordability while maintaining quality standards.

Notable Features:

  • Provides +12V, -12V, and +5V power rails
  • High current capacity suitable for most modular systems
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Durable construction with high-quality components
  • Multiple 16-pin power connectors
  • Built-in short circuit and overload protection

Notable Users:

While specific high-profile users of the Behringer CP1A power supply may not be extensively documented, it is popular among:

  • Modular Synth Enthusiasts: Those who need reliable and affordable power solutions for their Eurorack systems.
  • Studio Producers: Professionals who require stable and consistent power for their modular setups in a studio environment.
  • Live Performers: Musicians who need dependable power supplies for their modular rigs during live performances.


The Behringer CP1A is a reliable and efficient power supply designed for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. With its high current capacity, compact design, and built-in protection features, the CP1A ensures stable and clean power for your modules. Whether you’re a modular synth enthusiast, a studio producer, or a live performer, the Behringer CP1A provides an affordable and dependable solution to power your Eurorack system.

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