Behringer System 100 305 EQ/Mixer/Output, $79!

The Behringer System 100 305 EQ/Mixer/Output module is a versatile Eurorack module inspired by the classic Roland System 100M. It combines a 4-band equalizer, a mixer, and an output stage into a single unit, providing essential tools for shaping and routing audio signals within a modular synthesizer setup. This module is designed to offer high-quality sound processing and flexible signal management in a compact and affordable package.

Key Features:

4-Band Equalizer:

  • 4-Band EQ: Features low, mid-low, mid-high, and high-frequency bands with individual gain controls, allowing precise tonal shaping of audio signals.
  • Frequency Control: Each band has a dedicated control to adjust the center frequency, providing detailed control over the EQ curves.


  • 4-Channel Mixer: Includes four input channels, each with a level control, allowing you to mix multiple audio signals.
  • Pan Control: Each channel has a pan control to position the audio signal within the stereo field, enhancing spatial placement in your mix.
  • Auxiliary Send/Return: An aux send/return loop for integrating external effects processors, providing additional flexibility in signal routing.

Output Stage:

  • Main Output: Features a stereo output stage with level control for connecting to external audio interfaces, mixers, or amplifiers.
  • Headphone Output: Includes a headphone output with an independent level control, allowing for direct monitoring of the mixed signal.

Build and Design:

  • Compact Size: The module’s compact design fits easily into any Eurorack system without taking up excessive space.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality components to ensure reliable performance and longevity.
  • Classic Aesthetics: Features a design inspired by vintage modular systems, appealing to enthusiasts of classic analog gear.

Sound Characteristics:

  • High-Quality Audio: Delivers clean and precise audio processing with minimal noise and distortion, ensuring professional-level sound quality.
  • Versatile Sound Shaping: The 4-band EQ provides extensive tonal shaping options, making it suitable for a wide range of sounds and styles.


  • Sound Design: Ideal for sound designers looking to shape and control audio signals with precision.
  • Modular Synthesis: Perfect for modular synth enthusiasts who need versatile EQ, mixing, and output capabilities in one module.
  • Live Performance: Suitable for live performances, offering hands-on control over EQ and mixing settings.


  • Width: 16 HP
  • Depth: 30 mm
  • Power Consumption: 60 mA (+12V), 50 mA (-12V)
  • Inputs: 4 audio inputs, aux send/return
  • Outputs: Stereo main output, headphone output
  • Controls: Level, pan, and EQ controls for each channel

Country of Manufacture:

  • China: The Behringer System 100 305 module is manufactured in China, ensuring affordability while maintaining quality standards.

Notable Features:

  • 4-band equalizer with individual gain and frequency controls
  • 4-channel mixer with level and pan controls
  • Auxiliary send/return loop for external effects integration
  • Stereo main output and headphone output with independent level controls
  • Compact and durable design

Notable Users:

While specific high-profile users of the Behringer System 100 305 may not be extensively documented, it is popular among:

  • Modular Synth Enthusiasts: Those who appreciate versatile and affordable utility modules for their Eurorack systems.
  • Sound Designers: Professionals who require precise control over audio signals for creating complex sounds.
  • Electronic Musicians: Artists who use modular synthesizers to explore dynamic and innovative soundscapes.

The Behringer System 100 305 EQ/Mixer/Output module is a powerful and versatile addition to any Eurorack modular synthesizer system. With its 4-band equalizer, 4-channel mixer, and comprehensive output stage, the 305 module provides essential tools for shaping, mixing, and routing audio signals. Whether you’re a modular synth enthusiast, sound designer, or electronic musician, this module offers the precision and flexibility needed to enhance your sound design and performance capabilities. Its compact design and high-quality construction make it an excellent choice for those looking to expand their Eurorack setup with a reliable and multifunctional module.

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