Tech 21 Double Drive 3x MOD

CAN $149.00

Aggressive, tube amp-like tone with precision controls to shape it to your liking.
The Double Drive 3X has undergone a Private Stock custom MOD and has been revoiced for more aggressive hard rock and metal tones rather than classic, bluesy-style tones. It features a tighter low end for more chunky low frequency impact and a wider Level taper for smoother control. This custom-modified version offers a more “amp-like” distortion as opposed to a “pedal-like” distortion.

The unique pedal design captures the lush, muscular power amp distortions of both Class A and Class A/B tube amps. The tones can be used individually or you can feed one into the other for massive, cascading distortion and limitless tonal variation. The 100% analog Double Drive 3X is a 3-channel, fully programmable version of its single channel predecessor and features active 3-band EQ. The expanded tone section gives you even greater flexibility to create incredible and original tones. You can store three custom sounds, even on the fly, by simply tweaking the knobs and double-tapping on a footswitch. How easy is that?

DRIVE A controls the amount of Class A power amp output stage distortion (like Vox AC30®-style amp), rich in even harmonics. The amount of harmonics is dynamically controlled by the input level and their ratio by how hard you pick.

DRIVE A/B controls the amount of Class A/B power amp output stage distortion (like Fender®/Marshall®-style amps), rich in odd harmonics.

The signal path of Drive A runs into the signal path of Drive A/B. This results in an electronic multiplication, rather than addition, of the amount of distortion to achieve a powerful cascading effect.

This amazing pedal will make any amp deliver the bigger tone you need with one tap of your foot! Melt some faces today.
Level control is capable of extremely high output”up to 10dB (even in clean setting)”useful as a “pre-boost” for additional gain out of your amp without altering any tonal characteristics
1meg Ohm high impedance 1/4″ input, same as traditional tube amps
1k Ohm low impedance 1/4″ output
Can drive long cables without loss of signal integrity, even in bypass
Highly efficient LED consumes little power and fades as the battery runs low (±6.5V), although the Double Drive will continue to operate
Utilizes standard 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional power supply: Tech 21 Model #DC2
Power Consumption: approx. 5mA

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