Tip Top Audio Z5000 Multi Effect Module, $179!

The Tiptop Audio Z5000 is a versatile and powerful effects module designed for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. Known for its high-quality sound and extensive range of effects, the Z5000 is a valuable tool for adding depth, texture, and complexity to your modular setup. It offers a variety of algorithms, including reverbs, delays, modulation effects, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

Effects Algorithms:

  • Multiple Effects: The Z5000 includes 24 different effects algorithms, categorized into reverb, delay, modulation, and special effects.
    • Reverbs: Various reverb types, including room, hall, plate, and more, providing lush and immersive spatial effects.
    • Delays: Different delay algorithms with adjustable feedback and time settings for creating rhythmic and ambient effects.
    • Modulation Effects: Includes chorus, flange, phase, and other modulation effects for adding movement and texture.
    • Special Effects: Unique algorithms such as pitch shifting and granular processing for experimental sound design.

Controls and Interface:

  • Effect Selection: A rotary encoder allows for easy browsing and selection of the 24 effects algorithms.
  • Parameter Control: Three control knobs for adjusting key parameters of the selected effect, providing detailed control over the sound.
  • Mix Control: A dedicated mix knob for blending the dry and wet signals, ensuring the perfect balance of the original and processed sound.


  • Audio Inputs and Outputs: Mono input and stereo outputs for integrating with other modules and external equipment.
  • CV Inputs: Two CV inputs for modulating parameters, allowing for dynamic and evolving effects.

Sound Characteristics:

  • High-Quality Audio: Designed to deliver clean, high-fidelity sound with minimal noise and distortion.
  • Versatile Effects: Capable of producing a wide range of effects, from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations.


  • Sound Design: Ideal for sound designers looking to create unique textures and effects.
  • Live Performance: Suitable for live performance, offering real-time control and a wide range of effects.
  • Studio Production: Great for studio use, providing high-quality effects for recording and production.

Country of Manufacture:

  • United States: The Tiptop Audio Z5000 is designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

Notable Features:

  • 24 effects algorithms covering reverb, delay, modulation, and special effects
  • Rotary encoder for easy effect selection
  • Three parameter control knobs for detailed sound shaping
  • Mix knob for blending dry and wet signals
  • Mono input and stereo outputs
  • Two CV inputs for modulating parameters
  • High-quality build and sound

Notable Users:

While specific high-profile users of the Tiptop Audio Z5000 may not be extensively documented, it is popular among:

  • Modular Synth Enthusiasts: Those who appreciate versatile and high-quality effects modules for their systems.
  • Sound Designers: Professionals who need powerful tools for creating complex and evolving sounds.
  • Electronic Musicians: Artists who use modular synthesizers to explore innovative and dynamic soundscapes.

The Tiptop Audio Z5000 is a powerful and versatile effects module that offers a wide range of high-quality effects for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. With its extensive selection of algorithms, detailed control options, and high-fidelity sound, the Z5000 provides musicians and sound designers with a valuable tool for enhancing their modular setups. Whether used in live performances, studio recordings, or creative sound design projects, the Z5000 delivers the flexibility and quality needed to achieve outstanding results.

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