Get your Org On! 70s Yamaha YC-25D Dual Manual Combo organ with lid (no legs). $749!

The Yamaha YC-25D is a vintage combo organ produced by Yamaha in the early 1970s. Known for its distinctive sound and portability, the YC-25D was part of Yamaha’s YC series, which aimed to provide a versatile, portable alternative to the more cumbersome traditional organs. The YC-25D has been used by various musicians in genres such as rock, pop, and jazz, valued for its rich tonal palette and user-friendly interface.

Key Features:

Design and Build:

  • Combo Organ Design: Compact and portable, designed for gigging musicians.
  • Two Keyboards (Manuals): Dual 49-key keyboards (upper and lower) for a wide range of playing options.
  • Drawbars: 8 drawbars for each manual to control the mix of harmonics, similar to a Hammond organ.
  • Foot Pedals: Optional bass pedal attachment for playing bass lines.
  • Controls and Interface:
    • Vibrato/Chorus: Adjustable vibrato and chorus effects for adding modulation to the sound.
    • Percussion: Attack and decay settings to add percussive elements to the organ sound.
    • Reverb: Built-in reverb effect for adding depth and space to the sound.

Sound Characteristics:

  • Rich and Warm Tone: Capable of producing a range of sounds from mellow and warm to bright and punchy.
  • Versatile Timbres: Suitable for various genres, from rock and pop to jazz and soul, thanks to the drawbars and effects.
  • Dynamic Expression: Responsive to playing dynamics, allowing for expressive performances.


  • Audio Outputs: Line outputs for connecting to amplifiers, PA systems, or recording equipment.
  • External Speaker Output: Option to connect to an external speaker for enhanced sound projection.
  • Headphone Output: For silent practice and monitoring.

Build and Portability:

  • Portable Design: Lightweight and compact for easy transport.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of live performance and touring.


  • Live Performance: Ideal for live performances due to its portability and versatile sound.
  • Studio Recording: Suitable for studio use, providing a range of classic organ sounds that sit well in a mix.
  • Practice: Great for practice sessions, offering a wide range of sounds and effects to explore.

Notable Features:

  • Dual 49-key manuals for extensive playing range
  • 8 drawbars per manual for harmonic control
  • Built-in vibrato, chorus, and reverb effects
  • Percussion settings for added attack and decay
  • Portable and durable design

The Yamaha YC-25D is a versatile and portable combo organ that offers a rich palette of sounds and user-friendly features. Its dual manuals, drawbars, and built-in effects make it a valuable tool for musicians in various genres. Whether used for live performances, studio recording, or practice, the YC-25D delivers the quality and reliability that Yamaha is known for. Its combination of classic organ sounds and modern portability makes it an excellent choice for musicians seeking a flexible and expressive instrument.

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