Underrated legend! 70s Big Box EHX Hot Tubes Overdrive/Distortion with a modifies 1/8″ 9v power supply in (supply included), $499!

The Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes pedal from the 1970s is a legendary overdrive pedal known for its warm and tube-like distortion tones. Here are the specifications for the 70s Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Big Box pedal:

  • Type: Overdrive/Distortion pedal
  • Controls: Typically features Volume, Tone, and Gain controls
  • Circuitry: Analog circuitry designed to emulate tube amp distortion
  • Footswitch: True bypass footswitch for engaging/disengaging the effect
  • Connectivity: Input and Output jacks for connecting to instruments and amps
  • Power: Typically powered by a 9V battery or external power supply
  • Enclosure: Big Box enclosure design from the 1970s era

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