Andy Scott

Andy Scott, Guitar Tech

Set Up Prices:

Electric Guitars: $75 plus strings
Electric Basses: $75 plus strings
Locking Tremolo Systems: $105 plus strings
Acoustic Guitars: $70 plus strings
12-String Acoustic Guitars: $80 plus strings
Classical Guitars: $75 plus strings
Banjos & Mandolins: $70 plus strings

Wiring & Repairs: $70/hour

All prices subject to HST.

Contact for details.


Setups Include:

– Strings Changed
– Neck adjustment and Inspection (if fretwork is needed customer will be consulted)
– Action to the lowest possible without buzzing
– Intonation
– Fretboard Cleaning and Oiling
– Fret Polish
– Inspect and Tighten Tuners (oil if necessary)
– Check and tighten all hardware
– Check all electronics
– Clean Pots
– Nut and saddle slots Lubricated
– Nut slot adjustment

* If an instrument is brought in for a set-up it will be done to the best of the instruments ability ie: if there are any structural issues/flaws with the instrument it will be set-up as best it can be.

*We cannot warranty structural faults that present themselves as a result of a repair or set-up