Bass player fav! Boss OC-2 Octave, $199!

The Boss OC-2 Octave pedal is a classic octave pedal known for its ability to produce deep analog octave tones. Here are some key specifications and features of the Boss OC-2 Octave pedal:

  • Type: Octave pedal
  • Controls: Direct Level, Octave 1 Level, and Octave 2 Level controls
  • Octave Range: Capable of producing one and two octaves below the input signal
  • Mode: Polyphonic octave effect
  • Circuitry: Analog octave generation
  • LED Indicator: Provides visual feedback for pedal status
  • Power: 9V battery or external power supply
  • Input/Output: 1/4″ instrument input and output jacks
  • Construction: Boss compact pedal design
  • Size: Compact pedal size for pedalboard-friendly use

The Boss OC-2 Octave pedal is prized for its rich and full-sounding analog octave tones that can enhance the bass response and add depth to guitar and bass performances.