80s Casio DG-7 Digital Guitar and Built-In Drum Machine, $549!

The Casio DG-10 is a unique digital guitar that was produced in the 1980s. Here are the general specifications for the Casio DG-10:

  • Type: Digital Guitar
  • Strings: 6
  • Frets: Typically 22
  • Polyphony: Full polyphony
  • Sounds: Various synthesized sounds
  • Effects: Built-in effects like reverb, chorus, and distortion
  • Controls: Knobs, buttons, and touch-sensitive fretboard
  • Outputs: 1/4″ Outputs for connecting to amplifiers or headphones
  • Power: Battery-powered or AC adapter
  • Features: MIDI compatibility for connecting to external devices

The Casio DG-10 offers a digital alternative to traditional guitars, providing players with synthesized tones and unique playability. It was innovative for its time and is considered a vintage collectible today.

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