DiMarzio DP123BK Model J pickups, $109!

  • Type: Jazz Bass Pickup
  • Model: DP123BK (BK indicates black color)
  • Position: Bridge and Neck (sold as a set)
  • Magnet Type: Alnico 5
  • DC Resistance:
    • Neck: 6.94 kΩ
    • Bridge: 7.46 kΩ
  • Output: Medium
  • Wiring: 4-conductor
  • Tone:
    • Bass: 5.5
    • Mid: 6.0
    • Treble: 5.5
  • String Spacing: Standard Jazz Bass spacing
  • Color: Black (also available in other colors)
  • Pole Pieces: Adjustable
  • Cover: Black plastic cover
  • Installation: Direct replacement for standard J-Bass pickups
  • Dimensions: Standard J-Bass pickup dimensions


  • Hum-Canceling: Dual-coil design to eliminate hum and reduce noise.
  • Balanced Tone: Even response across all strings, providing a balanced tone with punchy mids and clear highs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various music genres, from jazz to rock and funk.
  • Adjustable Pole Pieces: Allows for fine-tuning of individual string output.

Artists Who Use DiMarzio DP123BK Model J Bass Pickups:

  1. Marcus Miller – Renowned for his versatile playing style, Miller uses DiMarzio pickups for their clarity and responsiveness.
  2. John Patitucci – A prominent jazz bassist who appreciates the balanced and articulate tone of DiMarzio pickups.
  3. Will Lee – Known for his work on “Late Show with David Letterman,” Lee uses DiMarzio pickups for their punchy and clear sound.

These pickups are favored by bassists who seek a noiseless, versatile, and balanced tone that can adapt to various playing styles and genres.

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