We didn’t forget about you, Modu-Lords! Doepfer A-106-1 Xtreme Filter Voltage Controlled Lowpass/Highpass, $139!

The Doepfer A-106-1 is a versatile multi-mode filter module designed for modular synthesizers. Here are its general specifications:

  • Type: Voltage-Controlled Multi-Mode Filter Module
  • Modes: Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, and Notch Filter modes
  • Controls: Cutoff frequency, Resonance, and Mode selectors
  • Resonance: Emphasis of the frequencies near the cutoff frequency
  • Inputs: Audio input, CV input for frequency modulation, and CV input for resonance modulation
  • Outputs: Filtered audio output
  • Power: Requires Eurorack standard +12V/-12V power supply
  • Width: Typically 8HP wide
  • Depth: Standard Eurorack depth, usually around 50mm
  • Build: Quality components and durable construction

The Doepfer A-106-1 is known for its flexibility and capability to shape the sound of modular synthesizer setups with various filter modes and modulation options.

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