EMU Proformance/1+ Piano Module for only $149!

  • Overview: The E-mu Proformance/1+ is a high-quality digital piano module released in the early 1990s. It is designed to provide realistic acoustic piano sounds in a compact and portable format, making it ideal for both studio and live performance settings. The Proformance/1+ is an enhanced version of the original Proformance/1, offering additional features and improved sound quality.

    Key Features:

    • Sound Engine:
      • PCM Sampled Sounds: Utilizes high-quality PCM samples to replicate the sound of acoustic pianos.
      • Presets: Includes a variety of preset piano sounds, including grand pianos, electric pianos, and more.
    • Polyphony:
      • 16-Voice Polyphony: Allows for playing complex passages without note drop-out.
    • Controls:
      • Front Panel Controls: Includes buttons for selecting presets, adjusting volume, and accessing additional parameters.
      • Velocity Sensitivity: Responds to MIDI velocity, allowing for expressive playing dynamics.
    • Connectivity:
      • MIDI In/Out/Thru: Full MIDI implementation for integration with keyboards, sequencers, and other MIDI devices.
      • Audio Outputs: Stereo audio outputs for connection to amplifiers, mixers, or recording equipment.
      • Headphone Output: For private practice and monitoring.

    Sound Characteristics:

    • Realistic Piano Tones: Known for its high-quality and realistic piano sounds, making it suitable for both classical and contemporary music.
    • Dynamic Expression: Responds well to playing dynamics, providing a natural and expressive piano experience.


    • Genres: Suitable for classical, jazz, pop, rock, and any genre requiring high-quality piano sounds.
    • Usage: Ideal for studio recordings, live performances, and as a sound module in larger keyboard setups.

    Country of Manufacture:

    • United States: The E-mu Proformance/1+ was designed and manufactured in the USA, known for its robust build and reliable performance.

    Notable Features:

    • Compact Design: Lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and integrate into various setups.
    • Enhanced Sound Quality: Improved sound quality over the original Proformance/1, offering more realistic and expressive piano tones.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive controls allow for quick and easy sound selection and adjustment.

    Notable Users:

    • Studio Musicians: Favored by studio musicians for its high-quality piano sounds and easy integration into recording setups.
    • Live Performers: Used by live performers who need reliable and realistic piano sounds in a portable format.
    • Music Educators: Utilized by music educators for teaching and practice due to its expressive dynamics and realistic tones.

    The E-mu Proformance/1+ is a high-quality digital piano module known for its realistic piano sounds and expressive dynamics. With its compact design, enhanced sound quality, and user-friendly interface, the Proformance/1+ is an excellent choice for musicians and producers seeking reliable and high-quality piano tones. Whether used in studio recordings, live performances, or educational settings, the Proformance/1+ delivers the performance and reliability expected from a professional-grade digital piano module.

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