E-Mu Proteus/1 Rack Synth/Sampler! In great shape for $249!

The E-MU Proteus/1 is a vintage sound module known for its extensive library of high-quality sounds. Here are the general specifications for the E-MU Proteus/1:

  • Sound Module Type: Rackmount Module
  • Polyphony: 32 voices
  • Waveforms: A diverse range of synthesized and sampled sounds
  • Compatibility: MIDI-controllable, with multiple sound banks
  • Effects: Built-in effects including reverb, chorus, and delay
  • Outputs: Dual Stereo Outputs (Main and Aux)
  • Additional Features: Velocity-sensitive sounds, multi-timbral operation
  • Expansion: Option for additional sound ROM expansion cards
  • Controls: Front panel buttons and knobs for sound selection and editing
  • Dimension: Typically rackmount width and depth
  • Weight: Varies based on the model

As a pioneering sound module from the early 1990s, the Proteus/1 offered musicians a compact and versatile solution for incorporating high-quality sounds into their setups. Its large sound library and MIDI control capabilities were particularly appealing for various musical applications.

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