Zero gravity! 80s EHX Super Space Drum, $499!

The Electro-Harmonix Super Space Drum is a vintage analog drum synthesizer known for its unique sounds and features. Here are some general specifications and features of the vintage Electro-Harmonix Super Space Drum:

  • Type: Analog drum synthesizer
  • Sound Generation: Offers a variety of percussive and electronic drum sounds
  • Controls: Typically includes knobs for adjusting parameters like pitch, decay, tone, and more
  • Trigger Options: Can be triggered by an external source or used with onboard trigger pads
  • Effects: Some models may feature built-in effects like distortion or filtering
  • Design: Vintage enclosure design with distinct EHX branding
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight for easy transport

The Electro-Harmonix Super Space Drum is a classic drum synthesizer that has a unique character and has been used in various music genres. Due to its vintage nature, detailed specifications may vary between individual units and manufacturing eras.

As used by: Devo, The Cars, Jean-Michel Jarre