Ernie Ball 25k Volume Pedal, $119!

The Ernie Ball 25k Ohm Volume Pedal is a popular choice among guitarists for controlling volume on their electric guitars. Here are the general specifications of the Ernie Ball 25k Ohm Volume Pedal:

  • Potentiometer: 25k Ohm resistance for compatibility with guitars and active pickup systems
  • Taper: Audio taper for smooth volume swells
  • Expression Pedal: Can function as an expression pedal for controlling parameters on compatible devices
  • Controls: Typically includes a minimum volume control knob for setting the heel-down position
  • Construction: Durable metal casing with a comfortable foot treadle
  • Input/Output: 1/4″ input and output jacks for connecting in-line with your guitar signal chain
  • Power: Passive operation, does not require external power

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