Pro Gear, Pro Attitude! Eventide DSP4000 Ultra Harmonizer, $2399!

The Eventide DSP4000 is a highly regarded digital effects processor that has been used in professional studios and live sound setups for many years. Here are some key specifications of the Eventide DSP4000:

  • High-quality digital signal processing algorithms for a wide variety of effects
  • Multiple effects algorithms including reverbs, delays, pitch shifting, modulation effects, EQ, dynamics processing, and more
  • Dual-engine architecture for running two effects simultaneously
  • Extensive parameter control for fine-tuning effects
  • MIDI connectivity for control and integration with MIDI devices
  • Multiple audio I/O options for flexible routing
  • Preset memory for saving and recalling settings
  • Intuitive user interface for easy navigation and editing

The Eventide DSP4000 is known for its pristine sound quality, versatile effects capabilities, and robust build quality, making it a valuable tool for audio professionals in various applications.