This fuzz has kick! Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz, $129!

The Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz is a boutique fuzz pedal known for its unique tone-shaping qualities. Here are the general specifications for the Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz pedal:

  • Type: Fuzz pedal
  • Controls: Typically includes knobs for Fuzz, Volume, and Tone
  • Switches: May feature additional switches for different fuzz modes
  • Tone Shaping: Offers a wide range of fuzzy tones, from smooth overdrive to aggressive fuzz
  • Construction: Robust enclosure for durability
  • Power: Generally operates on standard 9V power supply
  • Footswitch: True bypass switching for signal integrity
  • Dimensions: Compact pedalboard-friendly size
  • Weight: Lightweight and portable

These specifications provide an overview of what to expect from the Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz pedal, known for delivering versatile fuzz tones suitable for various playing styles and genres.

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