M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Pad Controller with Step Sequencer, $89!

  • Type: MIDI Pad Controller
  • Pads: 16 velocity-sensitive pads with aftertouch
  • Controls:
    • Faders: 4 assignable faders
    • Knobs: 8 assignable knobs
    • Buttons: 4 assignable buttons
  • Inputs/Outputs:
    • 1 x USB (for power and data transfer)
    • 1 x MIDI Out (5-pin DIN)
    • 1 x Footswitch Input (1/4″)
  • Power: USB bus-powered (optional external power supply for standalone use)
  • Construction: Durable plastic housing with rubberized pads and controls


  • Velocity-Sensitive Pads: Allows for expressive playing, ideal for finger drumming, triggering samples, or controlling virtual instruments.
  • Assignable Controls: The faders, knobs, and buttons can be mapped to various parameters in your DAW or hardware setup, providing hands-on control over your music production.
  • MIDI Integration: Seamlessly integrates with most DAWs and MIDI-compatible hardware, making it versatile for various music production environments.
  • Footswitch Compatibility: The footswitch input allows for hands-free control over certain parameters, such as starting/stopping loops or recording.
  • Plug-and-Play: Easy setup with USB connectivity, no drivers required for most systems.

Artists Known to Use the M-Audio Trigger Finger:

  1. Flying Lotus – Known for his innovative beats and production style, Flying Lotus has used the Trigger Finger for live performances and studio work.
  2. Deadmau5 – The electronic music producer has been known to incorporate various MIDI controllers, including the Trigger Finger, into his production setup.
  3. Jeremy Ellis – A renowned finger drummer and producer, Ellis uses the Trigger Finger to create intricate beats and performances.

These artists and many others appreciate the M-Audio Trigger Finger for its responsive pads, versatile control options, and ease of integration into both studio and live setups.

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