Malekko 616 MKII Analog Lofi Delay, $199!

The Malekko Heavy Industry Wolftone Helium Analog Octave Distortion MKII, also known as the Malekko 616 MKII, is a versatile distortion pedal known for its unique features. Here are the common specifications for the Malekko 616 MKII:

  • Pedal Type: Analog Octave Distortion Pedal
  • Controls: Distortion, Volume, Octave, Tone, Mids, and Blend knobs
  • Switches: Octave switch to engage octave effects
  • LED Indicator: Indicates when the pedal is active
  • Power: Requires a standard 9V DC power supply
  • Construction: Durable metal casing built for long-term use

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