Shop Fav! MXR 31-Band EQ,

  1. 31 Frequency Bands:
    • The EQ features 31 bands, typically spaced at 1/3-octave intervals, covering the full audio spectrum. This allows for precise adjustment of specific frequency ranges to shape the overall sound.
  2. Graphic Equalizer:
    • As a graphic equalizer, the MXR 31-Band EQ uses a series of sliders to adjust the level of each frequency band. This visual representation makes it easy to see and adjust the frequency response.
  3. Wide Frequency Range:
    • The 31 bands cover a wide frequency range, typically from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This comprehensive coverage ensures that users can fine-tune both the low-end and high-end of the audio signal.
  4. Adjustable Gain:
    • Each band can be adjusted up or down by a specific amount, usually ±12 dB or ±15 dB. This allows for both subtle and dramatic changes to the sound.
  5. Bypass Switch:
    • The unit includes a bypass switch, allowing users to easily compare the equalized signal with the original, unprocessed signal. This is useful for ensuring that the EQ adjustments are beneficial to the overall sound.

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