Open Source Hardware nRings Resonator Module, $199!

The nRings Resonator Module is a unique and versatile Eurorack module known for its creative sound processing capabilities. It is an open-source hardware project that enables users to explore various sonic possibilities. While precise specifications can vary based on the specific build and version, here are some general features often associated with the nRings Resonator Module:

  • Type: Eurorack Module
  • Functionality: Resonator Module with Ring Modulation features
  • Controls: Typically includes various knobs, switches, and CV inputs for parameter adjustments
  • Sound Processing: Ring Modulation, Resonance, Frequency Shaping
  • Compatibility: Designed for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Open Source: Customizable and programmable design
  • Digital/Analog: Combination of digital and analog processing
  • Dimensions: Standard Eurorack size (commonly 3U height)
  • Power: Requires typical Eurorack power supply connections

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