Peavey Feedback Ferret D Dual Channel Digital Anti-Feedback System

The Peavey Feedback Ferret is a feedback elimination system designed to automatically detect and suppress feedback in live sound reinforcement and public address systems. Here’s an overview of its features and functionality:

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Feedback Detection and Suppression:
    • The system continuously monitors the audio signal and automatically detects the frequencies where feedback occurs.
    • Once detected, the Feedback Ferret instantly applies a narrow notch filter to attenuate the problematic frequency, reducing or eliminating the feedback.
  2. Multiple Notch Filters:
    • It uses multiple notch filters to handle several feedback frequencies simultaneously. This ensures comprehensive feedback control even in challenging acoustic environments.
  3. Adaptive Filters:
    • The filters are adaptive, meaning they adjust in real-time as the feedback frequencies change. This ensures continuous and dynamic feedback suppression.
  4. Minimal Impact on Sound Quality:
    • The narrowness of the notch filters ensures that only the problematic frequencies are affected, leaving the rest of the audio spectrum untouched. This minimizes any impact on overall sound quality.

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