Mixmaster YOU! Pyramid PM-4000 Studio Pro Mixer

The Pyramid 400 Mixer is a vintage audio mixer designed for various audio applications, including live sound reinforcement, recording, and DJing. Pyramid, known for producing affordable audio equipment, created this mixer to provide essential mixing functions in a compact and user-friendly format. Here are some key features and details about the Pyramid 400 Mixer:

  1. Channels:
    • The Pyramid 400 typically features multiple input channels, allowing users to connect and mix several audio sources simultaneously. Each channel may have its own set of controls for volume, EQ, and effects.
  2. Equalization:
    • The mixer includes basic EQ controls for each channel, usually consisting of bass and treble adjustments. This allows for tonal shaping of individual audio sources.
  3. Inputs and Outputs:
    • The mixer offers a variety of input and output options, including 1/4″ TRS, RCA, and possibly XLR connectors. These connections accommodate different types of audio equipment, such as microphones, instruments, and playback devices.
    • It may also feature stereo outputs for connecting to amplifiers, speakers, or recording devices.
  4. Effects:
    • Some versions of the Pyramid 400 Mixer may include built-in effects, such as reverb or echo, which can be applied to the audio signals to enhance the sound.
  5. Master Controls:
    • The mixer has master volume controls to adjust the overall output level. It may also include master EQ and effects controls to shape the overall mix.
  6. VU Meters:
    • The mixer might feature VU meters or LED indicators to monitor the output levels and ensure proper signal levels without distortion

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