Tone Zone with yer Bass Bone! Radial Bassbone OD Overdrive/Direct Box/Control Center, $329!

The Radial Tonebone Bassbone OD is a versatile bass preamplifier with overdrive designed to enhance the bass guitar signal. Here are the general specifications based on common features found in Radial Tonebone pedals:

  • Type: Bass Preamplifier with Overdrive
  • Controls: Typically includes Overdrive Level, Blend, Presence, Drive, and EQ controls
  • Overdrive: Provides adjustable overdrive for adding harmonics and distortion to the bass signal
  • EQ: Features a comprehensive EQ section for tone shaping
  • I/O: Multiple inputs and outputs for various connection options
  • Construction: Rugged metal chassis for durability
  • Power: Typically powered by 9V power supply or battery

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