Australian made Rode Broadcaster Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic


The Rode Broadcaster is a professional-grade large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed specifically for broadcasting, podcasting, and voice-over applications. It features a 1-inch HF2 capsule with a gold-plated diaphragm, providing a rich, natural sound that is ideal for capturing the nuances of the human voice.

Key Features:

  1. Broadcast-Quality Sound: The microphone is known for its full-bodied low end and clear highs, making it perfect for spoken word applications. It also has an enhanced proximity effect that adds depth to the voice, which is particularly beneficial for radio and podcasting​ 
  2. High-Pass Filter: The Broadcaster includes a selectable high-pass filter at 75Hz, which helps to eliminate low-end noise such as air conditioners or traffic, ensuring cleaner recordings​ 
  3. On-Air Indicator: A unique feature is the on-air LED indicator, which lights up when the microphone is live, providing a visual cue that is useful in a broadcast environment. This can be controlled externally or will light up when the microphone receives phantom power​ 
  4. Internal Pop Filter: It also has an internal pop filter to minimize plosive sounds, reducing the chances of audio distortion​ 

$399! Call or email for purchases and inquiries!