Get your 90s on! Roland JX-1 Performance synth, serviced and ready to beep boop for $399!

  • Polyphony: 64 voices
  • Waveforms: Various digital waveforms
  • Filters: Digital multi-mode filters
  • Envelopes: ADSR envelopes for controlling parameters
  • LFOs: Low-Frequency Oscillators for modulation
  • Tones: Includes a wide variety of sounds like synths, drums, and more
  • Effects: Multiple built-in effects like reverb, chorus, and delay
  • Sequencer: Pattern-based sequencer for creating loops
  • Arpeggiator: Built-in arpeggiator for creating rhythmic patterns
  • Keyboard: 61-key velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • Controls: Front panel sliders, knobs, and buttons for editing
  • Connectivity: MIDI, Audio Inputs/Outputs, Headphone output
  • Display: Typically LCD display for patch and parameter information

The Roland JX-1 Groovesynth is designed for live performance and studio use and offers a wide range of sounds and features for creating music across various genres.

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