Shop Fav! 80s Roland JX-3P synth with PG-200 Programmer. 61-keys, two analog oscillators per voice and that lush warm tone for $1649!

The Roland JX-3P is a popular vintage analog synthesizer that was released in the early 1980s. It features a 61-key keyboard and is renowned for its warm and lush analog sound. The JX-3P has two analog oscillators per voice, a noise generator, a resonant low-pass filter, and multiple modulation options.

The PG-200 is a programmer/controller unit specifically designed for the Roland JX-3P. It allows users to have hands-on control over the JX-3P’s parameters, making it easier to create and edit sounds on the synthesizer. The PG-200 connects to the JX-3P via a special cable and provides physical controls for adjusting parameters like oscillators, filters, envelopes, and more.

Together, the Roland JX-3P and PG-200 combination offer a powerful and intuitive way to explore the rich analog sound palette of this classic synthesizer. The hands-on control provided by the PG-200 enhances the overall user experience and makes sound design more interactive and immersive.

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