Keys, please! Roland KC-350 stereo mixing keyboard amp- 4-channels, 120-watts with a 3 band EQ, subwoofer and horn tweeter. $399!

The Roland KC-350 is a popular keyboard amplifier known for its clean and powerful sound output. Here are the general specifications for the Roland KC-350:

  • Type: Keyboard Amplifier
  • Wattage: 120 watts
  • Speakers: 12″ woofer and tweeter
  • Channels: 4 channels with individual volume controls
  • Controls: Volume, Subwoofer output selector, 3-band EQ, and Shape switch per channel
  • Inputs: 4 stereo line inputs plus an XLR microphone input
  • Outputs: Stereo link in/thru, subwoofer output
  • Effects: Built-in stereo multi-effects with 2 EFX outlets
  • Equalizer: 4-band EQ built-in
  • Dimensions: 18-9/16″ x 23-15/16″ x 15-9/16″
  • Weight: Approximately 35 lbs

These specifications give an overview of the powerful and versatile Roland KC-350 keyboard amplifier, designed to deliver clear and full-range sound suitable for keyboards, electronic drums, and other musical instruments that require a clean amplification solution.

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