Sure doesn’t look like a piano! Roland P-330 Digital Piano!
The Roland P-330 is a piano module released in the late 1980s, known for its high-quality piano sounds and expressive capabilities. It is part of Roland’s digital piano series and offers a range of features that make it suitable for both studio and live performance settings.

General Specifications
Synthesis Type: PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) sample-based synthesis
Polyphony: 30 voices
Multitimbral: 4 parts
Memory: 128 tones (64 preset, 64 user)
ROM: 4 MB of PCM samples
MIDI: In, Out, Thru
PCM Sound Engine: Provides high-quality piano samples, including acoustic grand pianos, electric pianos, and other keyboard sounds.
Effects: Built-in digital effects, including reverb and chorus, to enhance the sound.
Outputs: Stereo main output, sub output, and headphone jack for versatile connectivity.
Display: 16-character LCD for easy navigation and editing.
Editing: Front panel controls for adjusting parameters and customizing sounds.
Sound Characteristics
Pianos: The P-330 is particularly known for its realistic and expressive piano sounds, suitable for a wide range of musical genres.
Electric Pianos: Offers a variety of classic electric piano sounds, such as Rhodes and Wurlitzer.
Additional Sounds: Includes other keyboard sounds, such as harpsichord and clavinet, providing versatility for different musical styles.
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