Roland System-100M 140 Dual Envelope and LFO Module, $799!

The Roland System-100M 140 module is a part of the Roland System-100M modular synthesizer series. Here are the general specifications for the Roland System-100M 140 module:

  • Module Type: Eurorack-compatible Analog Envelope Generator
  • Envelope Types: Typically features four independent ADSR envelope generators
  • Controls: Knobs and sliders for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release parameters
  • Triggers: Features gate inputs for triggering envelope generation
  • Outputs: Envelope voltage outputs per envelope generator
  • Width: Standard Eurorack module width (commonly 8HP)
  • Depth: Standard Eurorack module depth
  • Power: Draws power from the Eurorack power supply
  • Manufacturer: Roland

The Roland System-100M 140 module offers versatile envelope generation capabilities for shaping sound and modulation within a modular synthesizer system.

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