80s Roland TR-606 Drumatix analog drum machine with original guide and freshly serviced for $999!

The Roland TR-606 is a classic drum machine known for its iconic sound and compact design. Here are the general specifications for the Roland TR-606:

  • Product Type: Analog Drum Machine
  • Voices: 7 analog drum sounds (Kick, Snare, Low/Mid/High Toms, Cymbal, Open/Closed Hi-hats)
  • Sequencer: 32-step pattern sequencer
  • Controls: Individual volume controls, Accent, Flam, and Shuffle features
  • Outputs: Individual audio outputs for each drum sound
  • Sync: DIN Sync In/Out for integration with other gear
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries, DC adapter, or USB power
  • Additional Features: Built-in speaker, integrated clock with variable tempo control

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