Powerful pedal pal! TC Electronic NM-1 Nova Modulator Dual Modulation Effects, $199!

The TC Electronic Nova NM-1 Modulator is a versatile modulation pedal offering a range of effects for guitar and other instruments. Here are the general specifications for the TC Electronic Nova NM-1 Modulator:

  • Effect Type: Modulation pedal with various modulation effects
  • Controls: Typically includes Rate, Depth, Mix, and several mode controls
  • Presets: Offers multiple preset modes for different modulation effects
  • Connectivity: Input and Output jacks for guitar or line-level signals
  • Power: Can be powered via a standard 9V DC power supply
  • Construction: Durable metal housing built for stage use
  • Dimensions: Varies, but typically a standard pedalboard size
  • Weight: Moderate weight for stability during use
  • Bypass: True or Buffered Bypass for signal routing options

The TC Electronic Nova NM-1 Modulator is known for its high-quality modulation effects and flexibility in sound shaping, making it a popular choice for musicians seeking versatile modulation options in a compact pedal format.

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