Tegeler Audio Manufakture VL 500 Vocal Leveller Opto-Compressor, $699 with original box!

The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Compressor TVC 500 is a highly-regarded vacuum tube-based compressor known for its versatility and quality audio processing. Here are the general specifications for the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VL (Vari Leveler) 500:

  • Type: Vacuum tube-based compressor/leveling amplifier
  • Tube Complement: Features vacuum tubes for warmth and character
  • Controls: Typically includes Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Gain controls
  • Modes: Offers various compression modes for different applications
  • Metering: Visual metering for monitoring gain reduction or output levels
  • Inputs/Outputs: Balanced XLR inputs and outputs for professional audio connectivity
  • I/O Connectivity: May include additional sidechain input for external processing
  • Construction: High-quality components and robust build for durability
  • Power: Requires standard power supply
  • Rack Size: Standard 500-series module format

These specifications provide a general overview of the features and capabilities of the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VL 500, highlighting its tube-based compression characteristics and flexible controls for nuanced audio processing.

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