Timo Rozendahl Steiner Parker VCF, $149!

The Steiner Parker VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) by Timo Rozendahl is a Eurorack module inspired by the filter design created by Nyle Steiner and Mattson Parker. Here are the general specifications for the Timo Rozendahl Steiner Parker VCF module:

  • Module Type: Eurorack Voltage Controlled Filter
  • Filter Type: Steiner-Parker Filter
  • Filter Response: Variable between Low-pass, High-pass, and Band-pass modes
  • Controls: Frequency Cutoff, Resonance, and Filter Mode switches
  • Inputs: Audio Input, CV Input for Frequency Control, CV Input for Resonance Control
  • Outputs: Filtered Audio Output
  • Width: Standard Eurorack module width (commonly 8HP)
  • Depth: Standard Eurorack module depth
  • Power: Typically draws power from the Eurorack bus
  • Manufacturer: Timo Rozendahl

The Timo Rozendahl Steiner Parker VCF module offers a versatile and characteristic filter sound suitable for audio sculpting and sound manipulation within a Eurorack modular synthesizer system.

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