Hey man, nice head! Vox AD60VTH 60-watt amp with amp modelling, effects and more for $299!

The Vox AD60VTH is a hybrid amplifier head known for its versatility and quality. Here are the general specifications for the Vox AD60VTH:

  • Type: Hybrid Amplifier Head
  • Power Output: Approximately 60 watts
  • Tube Section: Utilizes preamp tubes for added warmth and tone
  • Controls: Typically includes Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb controls
  • Effects: Built-in effects like chorus, delay, reverb
  • Channels: Multiple channels for versatile tonal options
  • Connectivity: Provides various inputs and outputs for effects and external speakers
  • Construction: Durable construction with stylish Vox design

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