Personal Space Ship! Yamaha PSR-6300, now $199!

The Yamaha PSR-6300 is a vintage keyboard from Yamaha’s popular PSR series. Here are the general specifications for the Yamaha PSR-6300:

  • Keyboard: 61 keys
  • Polyphony: 8-note polyphony
  • Voices: Multiple built-in instrument voices
  • Tones: Various preset tones and sounds
  • Styles: Accompaniment styles and rhythms
  • Controls: Panel switches and buttons for voice selection, style controls, etc.
  • Demo Songs: Built-in demo songs for listening and learning
  • Effects: Onboard effects such as reverb and chorus
  • Sequencer: Basic onboard sequencing features
  • Connectivity: Headphone output, MIDI connectivity
  • Speakers: Built-in stereo speakers
  • Power: Mains power or battery operation

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