1978 MIJ Greco Jazz Bass with a beautiful bound neck, $999!

Overview: The 1978 Greco Jazz Bass is a vintage electric bass guitar made by Greco, a Japanese company known for producing high-quality replicas of popular American guitars and basses. The Greco Jazz Bass from this era is particularly noted for its craftsmanship and fidelity to the original Fender Jazz Bass design, making it a favorite among bass players and collectors.

Key Features:

  • Body:
    • Finish: Black.
    • Shape: Classic double-cutaway Jazz Bass body shape for comfortable playability.
  • Neck:
    • Material: Maple neck.
    • Construction: Bolt-on neck design.
    • Fingerboard: Rosewood fingerboard.
    • Scale Length: 34 inches (864 mm).
    • Frets: 20 frets.
    • Inlays: Block inlays (pearl or white).
    • Nut Width: 1.5 inches (38 mm).
  • Hardware:
    • Bridge: Vintage-style bridge with individual saddles for precise intonation.
    • Tuners: Open-gear tuners for stable tuning.
  • Electronics:
    • Pickups: Two single-coil Jazz Bass pickups.
    • Controls:
      • Two volume controls (one for each pickup).
      • One master tone control.
    • Output Jack: Standard 1/4″ output jack.

Sound Characteristics:

  • Versatile Tone: The single-coil pickups provide a versatile tone that is bright and punchy, with clear highs and deep lows.
  • Dynamic Response: Excellent dynamic response suitable for various playing styles, from fingerstyle to slap bass.
  • Classic Jazz Bass Sound: Known for its characteristic growl and ability to cut through the mix, making it a favorite in many genres.


  • Genres: Ideal for jazz, rock, funk, blues, and pop.
  • Usage: Suitable for live performances, studio recordings, and practice sessions due to its reliable build and excellent sound quality.

Notable Features:

  • Japanese Craftsmanship: Known for meticulous attention to detail and high-quality construction, making it a durable and reliable instrument.
  • Vintage Appeal: Combines classic Fender design elements with the quality and reliability of Japanese manufacturing, appealing to both collectors and working musicians.

Notable Users:

  • Influenced by Fender: While specific high-profile users of the Greco Jazz Bass are not widely documented, it has been appreciated by bassists who seek the classic Fender Jazz Bass tone and feel at a more affordable price point.
  • Collectors and Enthusiasts: Vintage Japanese instruments like the Greco Jazz Bass are highly regarded by collectors and musicians for their exceptional build quality and faithful replication of iconic designs.

The 1978 Greco Jazz Bass is a well-crafted and versatile instrument known for its rich tone, solid construction, and vintage appeal. With its  single-coil pickups, and comfortable neck, the Greco Jazz Bass delivers a playing experience and sound quality that is ideal for a variety of musical genres. Whether used for live performances, studio recordings, or practice, this bass offers the performance and reliability expected from a vintage Japanese instrument.

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