Push your productions to the next level with the Ableton Push 2 controller, $599! Please call or email for purchases and inquiries

The Ableton Push 2 is a popular MIDI controller designed for use with Ableton Live music production software. Here are some key specifications of the Ableton Push 2:

  • Number of Pads: 64 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads
  • Display: High-resolution RGB display
  • Encoders: 8 touch-sensitive encoders
  • Touch Strips: 2 touch strips for pitch bend, modulation, and more
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Power adapter input
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Ableton Live software

The Ableton Push 2 is known for its tight integration with Ableton Live, offering hands-on control over music production, sequencing, and performance. The pads, display, encoders, and touch strips provide a tactile experience for composing and producing music within the Ableton Live environment.