ART MultiVerb LTX 16-bit Digital Multiple Effects Processor. The ART MultiVerb offers a wide array of effects, including various types of reverb (hall, room, plate), delays, choruses, flangers, pitch shifters, and dynamic processors like compressors and gates. Each effect is designed to deliver high-quality sound and add depth and dimension to your audio.

  1. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Equipped with an intuitive front panel featuring a clear LCD display, the MultiVerb makes it easy to navigate through its settings and parameters. Dedicated knobs and buttons allow for quick adjustments, making it user-friendly for both live and studio applications.
  2. Multi-Effects Capability:
    • The MultiVerb can combine multiple effects simultaneously, enabling users to create complex and unique soundscapes. This flexibility allows for extensive sound shaping and customization, suitable for various musical styles and applications.
  3. Programmable Presets:
    • Users can save their custom effect settings in user-programmable memory locations. This feature is especially useful for performers and engineers who need to recall specific settings quickly during live performances or recording sessions.

$149! Please call or email for purchases and inquiries!