Early 90s DigiTech GSP 21 Guitar Signal Processor
Effects: Includes a wide range of effects such as compressor, distortion, equalizer, enhancer, noise gate, chorus, flanger, delay (single, stereo, 4-tap), and reverb (short, long, reverse).
Simultaneous Effects: Capable of running up to 10 effects simultaneously.
Programs: 128 user-programmable patches.
Control Interface: Small LCD screen for editing effects, with parameters adjusted via 4 buttons.
Foot Controller: Comes with a foot controller for live use, enabling easy switching between effects and patches.
MIDI: Fully MIDI-compatible for integration with other MIDI gear.
Construction: 1U rackmount unit.
Additional Features: Includes features like the ability to name configurations and display them on the pedal, making it user-friendly for live performances.
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