More like ElectroLush! Gorgeous clean tones from this limited edition Vox AC30C2 30-watt tube amp with top boost, reverb, tremolo and master volume. $1499!

The Vox AC30C2 Limited Edition is a special version of the iconic AC30, known for its rich, classic British tone and exceptional build quality. The limited edition model often features unique cosmetic finishes and premium components, making it a collector’s item as well as a versatile, high-performance amplifier suitable for a variety of musical styles.

Key Features:

Amplification and Power:

  • Power Output: 30 watts, providing ample volume for live performances and studio recording.
  • Tube Configuration:
    • Preamp Tubes: Three 12AX7 tubes for rich, warm tone and dynamic response.
    • Power Tubes: Four EL84 tubes for robust power and sustain.

Channels and Controls:

  • Two Channels: Normal and Top Boost channels for a wide range of tonal options.
    • Normal Channel: Offers a straightforward, clean sound with a single volume control.
    • Top Boost Channel: Provides enhanced tonal flexibility with separate Treble and Bass controls.
  • EQ Controls: Independent Treble and Bass controls for the Top Boost channel.
  • Master Volume: Allows for cranked-up tones at lower volumes.
  • Tone Cut Control: Adjusts the high-frequency response, providing additional tone-shaping capabilities.
  • Reverb and Tremolo: Built-in spring reverb and tremolo with adjustable controls for depth and speed, adding classic effects to your sound.

Speaker Configuration:

  • Speakers: Dual 12-inch Celestion Greenback speakers, known for their warm, articulate sound and vintage character.
  • Open-Back Cabinet: Enhances the amp’s resonance and projection, providing a spacious sound.


  • Inputs: Two inputs for each channel (High and Low) to accommodate different signal strengths.
  • Outputs:
    • External Speaker Output: For connecting an additional speaker cabinet.
    • FX Loop: Buffered effects loop for integrating external effects pedals and processors.
  • Footswitch: Compatible with a footswitch (sold separately) for controlling reverb and tremolo functions.

Sound Characteristics:

  • Classic Vox Tone: Delivers the bright, chimey cleans and creamy overdriven tones that have made the AC30 legendary.
  • Dynamic Response: Highly responsive to playing dynamics and guitar volume adjustments, providing a natural and expressive playing experience.
  • Rich Harmonics: The combination of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes ensures rich, harmonically complex tones with excellent clarity and sustain.


  • Live Performance: Ideal for live performances due to its powerful output and classic tone.
  • Studio Recording: Suitable for studio recording, offering a wide range of high-quality tones that sit well in a mix.
  • Practice: Can be used for home practice, especially with its master volume control and rich sound at lower volumes.

Notable Features:

  • 30 watts of all-tube power with 12AX7 and EL84 tubes
  • Two channels (Normal and Top Boost) with independent controls
  • Built-in spring reverb and tremolo with adjustable controls
  • Dual 12-inch Celestion Greenback speakers
  • Open-back cabinet design for enhanced resonance
  • Limited edition cosmetic finishes for unique appearance
  • Master volume and tone cut controls for additional tone shaping
  • External speaker output and buffered FX loop

Notable Users:

While the limited edition models may not have a long list of specific endorsers, the AC30 series has been used by many legendary artists, including:

  • Brian May (Queen): Known for his distinctive guitar sound, often achieved with a Vox AC30.
  • The Edge (U2): Famous for his chimey, delay-laden tones, often using the AC30 as part of his setup.
  • Tom Petty: Renowned for his classic rock sound, frequently associated with Vox amps.
  • Johnny Marr (The Smiths): Known for his jangly guitar tones, often utilizing Vox amplifiers.

The Vox AC30C2 Limited Edition is a high-quality, versatile amplifier that combines classic Vox tone with modern features and unique cosmetic finishes. Its powerful output, dynamic response, and rich harmonic content make it an excellent choice for guitarists seeking a reliable and expressive amp for live performances, studio recordings, and home practice. Whether you’re a professional musician or a dedicated enthusiast, the AC30C2 Limited Edition offers the iconic sound and build quality that Vox is known for.

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