Pioneer x Dave Smith Toraiz AS-1 Analog Synthesizer, $499!

Overview: The Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 is a powerful monophonic analog synthesizer developed in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments. Released in 2017, it combines the expertise of Pioneer DJ in the DJ and production market with the legendary synth design of Dave Smith, known for creating the Prophet-6. The Toraiz AS-1 is noted for its high-quality sound, intuitive interface, and seamless integration with DJ setups.

Key Features:

  • Sound Engine:
    • Fully programmable monophonic analog synthesizer
    • Based on the Prophet-6 analog circuitry from Dave Smith Instruments
    • Dual voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs)
    • Voltage-controlled filter (VCF) and amplifier (VCA)
    • Sub oscillator for added depth
  • Oscillators:
    • Two VCOs with saw, triangle, and pulse wave shapes
    • Oscillator sync and FM for complex harmonic textures
  • Filter:
    • 4-pole, resonant low-pass filter
    • Dedicated high-pass filter
  • Modulation:
    • Two ADSR envelopes for filter and amplitude
    • LFO with multiple wave shapes
  • Sequencer:
    • 64-step sequencer
    • Up to 64 sequences can be stored
    • Real-time and step input
  • Effects:
    • Onboard digital effects including delay, chorus, and distortion
  • Controls:
    • Touchpad-style keyboard and slider
    • 13 touch-sensitive keys
    • OLED display for clear visual feedback
  • Connectivity:
    • MIDI In/Out/Thru
    • USB for MIDI connectivity
    • CV/Gate outputs
    • Line output
    • Audio input for processing external sounds

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Build: Compact and robust with a sleek, professional design
  • Interface: User-friendly interface with intuitive controls and an OLED display for easy navigation

Sound Characteristics:

  • Rich and Warm Tone: Delivers the warm, rich, and fat analog tones typical of vintage synthesizers.
  • Versatile Sound Design: Capable of creating a wide range of sounds from classic basses and leads to complex, evolving textures.
  • High-Quality Effects: Integrated effects enhance the sonic palette, allowing for creative sound shaping and modulation.


  • Genres: Suitable for electronic music, dance, techno, house, ambient, and more.
  • Usage: Ideal for studio production, live performances, and DJ setups due to its compact size and powerful sound engine.

Notable Users:

  • Electronic Music: Notable electronic artists and producers have utilized the Toraiz AS-1 for its high-quality analog sound and integration capabilities.
  • DJ Performances: Popular among DJs for adding live analog synthesis to their sets, enhancing the overall performance with dynamic and evolving sounds.


The Pioneer x Dave Smith Toraiz AS-1 synthesizer is a versatile and powerful tool for musicians and producers looking for authentic analog sounds in a compact and user-friendly package. Its combination of high-quality sound, extensive modulation options, and seamless integration with DJ and studio setups makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of musical applications. Whether you’re crafting intricate sequences or adding analog warmth to your tracks, the Toraiz AS-1 delivers exceptional performance and creative potential.

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