Rare low end tickler! Rhodes Piano Bass- 32 Key electric piano in great shape with lid.

The Rhodes Piano Bass is a vintage electric keyboard instrument that was designed to produce deep and warm bass tones. Here are some key specifications of the Rhodes Piano Bass:

  • Type: Electric keyboard instrument
  • Number of Keys: 32 keys, spans from F to C
  • Tone Generation: Electro-mechanical design with tines and pickups
  • Controls: Volume control, tone control
  • Outputs: Line output
  • Weight: Approximately 48 lbs (21.8 kg) for the suitcase model
  • Dimensions: Approximately 34″ (W) x 22″ (D) x 6″ (H) for the suitcase model

The Rhodes Piano Bass is known for its distinct and rich bass sound, which became popular in funk, jazz, and rock music during the 1970s. It is typically used to provide a solid foundation in the lower register of a band’s sound.

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