Roland JP-8080 Synth with DVD manual and book manual, $1999!

  • Voices: 16 Voices
  • Oscillators: Dual Oscillators with multiple waveforms
  • Filters: Analog modeled filters
  • Envelopes: ADSR Envelopes
  • LFOs: Low-Frequency Oscillators with various waveforms
  • Effects: Multi-effects including delay, reverb, chorus, and more
  • Controls: Knobs, sliders, and buttons for parameter control
  • Arpeggiator: Built-in arpeggiator with various patterns
  • Memory: User memory for storing patches
  • MIDI: Comprehensive MIDI implementation
  • Connectivity: Audio Outputs, MIDI In/Out, External Control Inputs
  • Display: LED display for program and parameter feedback

The Roland JP-8080 is renowned for its rich sound palette, extensive synthesis capabilities, and classic Roland analog sound, making it a favorite among electronic music producers and synthesizer enthusiasts.

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