Secret Ace! Roland U-220 RS-PCM Sound Module

General Specifications
Synthesis Type: PCM-based sample playback
Polyphony: 30 voices
Multitimbral: 6 parts
Memory: 128 patches (64 preset, 64 user), 64 performances (32 preset, 32 user)
ROM: 4 MB of PCM samples
Expandable: Accepts ROM cards for additional sounds
MIDI: In, Out, Thru
PCM Sound Engine: Offers a wide variety of sampled sounds including pianos, strings, guitars, brass, and various synth sounds.
Effects: Built-in digital effects, including reverb and chorus
Outputs: Stereo main output, stereo sub output, headphone jack
Display: 16-character LCD for patch and parameter display
Editing: Front panel controls for patch editing and performance setup
Sound Characteristics
Pianos: Detailed and expressive, suitable for various musical genres
Strings and Orchestral: Rich and realistic, ideal for layering and orchestral arrangements
Synths: Classic Roland synth sounds with a digital edge, perfect for electronic music
Drums: A range of acoustic and electronic drum samples
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