Line time! Tascam M-1B Line Mixer


The Tascam M-1B Line Mixer is versatile and can be used in various applications, including:

  1. Live Sound:
    • Submixing: Ideal for creating submixes of multiple instruments or vocal mics on stage.
    • Keyboard Rigs: Perfect for keyboardists who need to mix multiple keyboards and sound modules.
  2. Studio Recording:
    • Synthesizers and Drum Machines: Integrates various electronic instruments into a single stereo output.
    • Outboard Gear Integration: Allows for the routing and mixing of signals from outboard processors and effects units.
  3. Broadcasting:
    • Radio and TV Studios: Provides clean and reliable mixing for multiple audio sources in a broadcasting environment.
  4. Installations:
    • Churches, Theaters, and Conference Rooms: Suitable for fixed installations where multiple audio sources need to be managed.


  • Channels: 8 mono input channels
  • Inputs:
    • Each Channel:
      • 1 x Balanced 1/4″ TRS line input
      • Input level control (trim)
      • Pan control
      • Mute switch
      • Signal present and overload LEDs
  • Outputs:
    • 2 x Balanced XLR main stereo outputs
    • 2 x Balanced 1/4″ TRS main stereo outputs
    • 2 x Balanced 1/4″ TRS auxiliary outputs
    • 1 x 1/4″ TRS stereo headphone output
  • Auxiliary Sends:
    • 1 x Post-fader auxiliary send per channel
  • Controls:
    • Master level control for main outputs
    • Master level control for auxiliary outputs
    • Headphone level control

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